Name Ticker Asset Class Sector Industry Flags
Aldel Financial Inc ADF= Unit
Fidelity Covington Trust FELC
Holicity Inc HOLUW Warrant
Artisan Acquisition Corp ARTAW Warrant
Strategy Shares SSUS
Nashville Area ETF NASH
PowerShares WilderHill Progressive Energy Portfolio PUW
GO Acquisition Corp GOAC+ Warrant
O'Shares FTSE Asia Pacific Quality Dividend Hedged ETF OAPH
O'Shares FTSE Europe Quality Dividend Hedged ETF OEUH
RMR Mortgage Trust RMRM Small Cap Stock
Direxion Funds CLDL
Locust Walk Acquisition Corp LWAC Small Cap Stock
IQ Australia Small Cap ETF KROO
Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp VI IPOF=
Live Oak Mobility Acquisition Corp LOKM+ Warrant
Gabelli NextShares Trust MOGLC
Gobi Acquisition Corp GOBI Small Cap Stock
FinTech Acquisition Corp VI FTVIW Warrant
Adit Edtech Acquisition Corp ADEX+ Warrant
Blonder Tongue Laboratories Inc. BDR Small Cap Stock
Tenzing Acquisition Corp TZACW Warrant
Talos Energy Inc TALO+ Warrant
Collaborative Investment Series Trust TADS
iPath Asian & Gulf Currency Revaluation ETN PGD
Pivotal Investment Corp II PIC+ Warrant
Merida Merger Corp I MCMJ Small Cap Stock
AIM ETF Products Trust APRW
Ault Disruptive Technologies Corp ADRT+ Warrant
Simplify Exchange Traded Funds SPYC
Torchlight Energy Resources Inc TRCH Small Cap Stock
Arena Fortify Acquisition Corp AFACU Unit
Counter Press Acquisition Corp CPAQ Small Cap Stock
Motive Capital Corp MOTV+ Warrant
Chardan Healthcare Acquisition 2 Corp CHAQ Small Cap Stock
DBX ETF Trust ACSG Large Cap Stock
PropTech Acquisition Corp PTAC Small Cap Stock
iShares Trust CNSF
FG New America Acquisition Corp FGNA+ Warrant
Premise Capital LLC TCTL Multi-Asset
iShares MSCI Global Impact ETF MPCT
Black Spade Acquisition Co BSAQ+ Warrant
Dragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp II DGNS Small Cap Stock
PowerShares DB Agriculture Double Long ETN DAG Commodities
Union Acquisition Corp II LATNW Warrant
Genesis Park Acquisition Corp GNPK+ Warrant
Global Lights Acquisition Corp. GLAC Small Cap Stock
Global Lights Acquisition Corp. GLACR Right
PowerShares Russell Midcap Pure Growth Portfolio PXMG
PowerShares Russell Top 200 Pure Growth Portfolio PXLG
PowerShares Global Emerging Markets Infrastructure PXR
PowerShares Zacks Micro Cap PZI
SSgA Active Trust SYE Large Cap Stock
O'Shares FTSE Russell International Quality Dividend ETF ONTL
CM Seven Star Acquisition Corporation Right CMSSR Small Cap Stock
HNR Acquisition Corp HNRA= Unit
Global X JPMorgan US Sector Rotator Index ETF SCTO
Property Solutions Acquisition Corp PSAC Small Cap Stock
SPDR MSCI Canada StrategicFactors ETF QCAN
RAIT Financial Trust 7.625% Senior Notes due 2024 RFT
PowerShares Russell Top 200 Pure Value Portfolio PXLV
ETRACS CMCI Long Platinum Total Return ETN PTM Commodities
Maquia Capital Acquisition Corp MAQCW Warrant
European Sustainable Growth Acquisition Corp EUSGW Warrant
Newcourt Acquisition Corp NCACU Unit
BurTech Acquisition Corp BRKH Small Cap Stock
SPDR MSCI United Kingdom StrategicFactors ETF QGBR
Transamerica ETF Trust DMRM Multi-Asset
NAMSW Warrant
Credit Suisse AG Nassau Branch REML Real Estate
Kadem Sustainable Impact Corp KSI Small Cap Stock
Gesher I Acquisition Corp GIACU Unit
Exchange Traded Concepts Trust SIXL
G Squared Ascend I Inc GSQD+ Warrant
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. IHF Multi Cap
IndexIQ Active ETF Trust MMIN
Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp VI IPOF+ Warrant
Hawks Acquisition Corp HWKZ+ Warrant
PowerShares Russell 2000 Pure Value Portfolio PXSV
Integral Ad Science Holding Corp IAS Mid Cap Stock
NexPoint Strategic Opportunities Fund NHF-A
Feutune Light Acquisition Corp FLFV Small Cap Stock
Atlas Corp. ATCO-E
Greenrose Acquisition Corp GNRSW Warrant
ALPS Fund Services EDOG Large Cap Stock
ProShares Trust SETH
SEP Acquisition Corp SEPAU Unit
First Trust RBA Quality Income ETF QINC
iPath Long Extended Russell 2000 TR Index ETN RTLA
Locust Walk Acquisition Corp LWACU Unit
dMY Technology Group Inc VI DMYS+ Warrant
ETF Opportunities Trust WLTG
Mars Acquisition Corp MARXR Right
Juniper Industrial Holdings Inc JIH+ Warrant
Madison ETFs Trust MAGG
Tengasco, Inc. TGC Small Cap Stock
WisdomTree Global Hedged SmallCap Dividend Fund HGSD
Environmental Impact Acquisition Corp ENVI Small Cap Stock
Republican Policies Fund GOP
Direct Digital Holdings Inc DRCTW Warrant
dMY Technology Group Inc II DMYD Small Cap Stock
BCLS Acquisition Corp BLSA Small Cap Stock
AlphaTime Acquisition Corp ATMCR Right
Global Mofy Metaverse Ltd GMM Small Cap Stock
Chardan NexTech Acquisition 2 Corp CNTQW Warrant
Advisorshares Trust YOLO Multi Cap
Signal Hill Acquisition Corp SGHL Small Cap Stock
Clarim Acquisition Corp CLRMW Warrant
Hartford Multifactor Global Small Cap ETF ROGS
Vonage Holdings Corp VG Mid Cap Stock
Highland Transcend Partners I Corp HTPA+ Warrant
Foresight Acquisition Corp FOREW Warrant
Global X Funds TFLT Multi-Asset
Amplitude Healthcare Acquisition Corp AMHC Small Cap Stock
Managed Portfolio Series TPAY Multi Cap
Invesco Capital Management LLC BSCK Short Term Bond
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. IGEB Medium Term Bond
ETRACS Monthly Reset 2xLeveraged S&P 500 Total Return ETN SPLX
Goldenstone Acquisition Ltd GDSTW Warrant
Eaton Vance California Municipal Bond Fund EVM Small Cap Stock
Exchange Listed Funds Trust LQAI
Tidal ETF Trust SFYX Multi Cap
Timothy Plan TPSC
Crown PropTech Acquisitions CPTK+ Warrant
Fortress Value Acquisition Corp II FAII Small Cap Stock
Exchange Traded Concepts Trust CEFS Multi-Asset
InterPrivate Acquisition Corp IPV+ Warrant
Big Rock partners Acquisition Corp BRPAW Warrant
Amplitude Healthcare Acquisition Corp AMHCU Unit
KINS Technology Group Inc KINZW Warrant
Epiphany Technology Acquisition Corp EPHY Small Cap Stock
FinTech Acquisition Corp VI FTVI Small Cap Stock
Industrial Tech Acquisitions II Inc ITAQW Warrant
Nebula Caravel Acquisition Corp NEBC Small Cap Stock
Nuveen New York Municipal Value Fund 2 NYV Small Cap Stock
OFS Credit Company Inc OCCIP
L&F Acquisition Corp LNFA= Unit
AEA-Bridges Impact Corp IMPX Small Cap Stock
First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VIII XOCT
FinTech Acquisition Corp IV FTIVU Unit
Jack Creek Investment Corp JCIC Small Cap Stock
Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corp II BFT+ Warrant
SSgA Active Trust ZJPN Large Cap Stock
Vanguard Group, Inc. VCSH Short Term Bond
Stratim Cloud Acquisition Corp SCAQ Small Cap Stock
Stratim Cloud Acquisition Corp SCAQU Unit
Draper Oakwood Technology Acquisition Inc. Right DOTAR Small Cap Stock
Leisure Acquisition Corp LACQ Small Cap Stock
SPDR Series Trust SPLG Large Cap Stock
iPath Pure Beta Sugar ETN SGAR Commodities
VanEck Vectors Global Spin-Off ETF SPUN
Jaws Acquisition Corp JWS Small Cap Stock
ROC Energy Acquisition Corp ROCAU Unit
LIV Capital Acquisition Corp LIVK Small Cap Stock
Big Cypress Acquisition Corp BCYPU Unit
Grab Holdings Limited AGCWW Warrant
Fast Radius Inc ENNVU Unit
Northern Lights Fund Trust IV FEVR
BondBloxx ETF Trust HYSA
Cambria Investment Management LP SOVB Medium Term Bond
CITIC Capital Acquisition Corp CCAC Small Cap Stock
Invesco Exchange-Traded Self-Indexed Fund Trust BSML
FinTech Acquisition Corp IV FTIV Small Cap Stock
Blue Whale Acquisition Corp I BWC Small Cap Stock
Eaton Vance Municipal Income Trust EVN Small Cap Stock
Dynamics Special Purpose Corp DYNS Small Cap Stock
Foresight Acquisition Corp FORE Small Cap Stock
CM Life Sciences III Inc CMLTW Warrant
Apex Technology Acquisition Corp APXTW Warrant
Signal Hill Acquisition Corp SGHLU Unit
Legg Mason ETF Investment Trust YLDE Large Cap Stock
Chardan Healthcare Acquisition 2 Corp CHAQ+ Warrant
OmniAb Inc AHPAW Warrant
Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp II IPOB Small Cap Stock
Elements Morningstar Wide Moat ETN WMW
UBS AG London Branch SCDL
Inception Growth Acquisition Ltd IGTAR Right
iShares Trust UTLF
Lightjump Acquisition Corp LJAQ Small Cap Stock
CF Acquisition Corp V CFV Small Cap Stock
IndexIQ ETF Trust AGGP
Leo Holdings III Corp LIII+ Warrant
Isleworth Healthcare Acquisition Corp ISLEW Warrant
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. JKG Mid Cap Stock
Belong Acquisition Corp BLNGU Unit
ProShares Trust SSO Large Cap Stock
Tech and Energy Transition Corp TETCW Warrant
Eaton Vance Tax Advantaged Dividend Income Fund EVT Small Cap Stock
Fortress Value Acquisition Corp II FAII+ Warrant
Gores Holdings V Inc GRSVU Unit
DraftKings Inc. DKNG Large Cap Stock
Spartacus Acquisition Corp TMTS Small Cap Stock
Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp MFAC+ Warrant
Cascadia Acquisition Corp CCAIU Unit
ETF Series Solutions Trust ADME Multi-Asset
ETF Series Solutions Trust VSL Multi Cap
Tidal ETF Trust NRSH
Eagle Point Credit Company Inc. 7.00% Notes due 2020 ECCZ Small Cap Stock
Greenrose Acquisition Corp GNRSU Unit
Gabelli Go Anywhere Trust GGO-A
iPath Pure Beta Coffee ETN CAFE Commodities
FTAC Olympus Acquisition Corp FTOC Small Cap Stock
Innovator ETFs Trust KOCT Small Cap Stock
iPath Pure Beta Livestock ETN LSTK Commodities
TICC Capital Corp. 6.50% Notes due 2024 TICCL Small Cap Stock
Northern Star Investment Corp III NSTC+ Warrant
iShares Edge MSCI Minimum Volatility EM Currency Hedged ETF HEMV
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. EWH Large Cap Stock
COVA Acquisition Corp COVAW Warrant
iPath Pure Beta Cotton ETN CTNN Commodities
Learn CW Investment Corp LCW+ Warrant
Northern Lights Fund Trust IV BAMG
Andina Acquisition Corp III ANDAR Right
Invesco Actively Managed Exchange-Traded Fund Trust ICLO
Artius Acquisition Inc AACQW Warrant
WisdomTree Brazilian Real Strategy Fund BZF
ArcLight Clean Transition Corp ACTC Small Cap Stock
Peridot Acquisition Corp II PDOT+ Warrant
CleanTech Acquisition Corp CLAQU Unit
Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp NGA Small Cap Stock
Gores Holdings VI Inc GHVI Small Cap Stock
8i Acquisition 2 Corp LAXXR Right
iShares Trust IBII
iPath Long Extended S&P 500 TR Index ETN SFLA
Innovator ETFs Trust INOV Mid Cap Stock
Invesco Exchange-Traded Fund Trust II IBBQ
Tidal ETF Trust SDEF
ProShares CDS Short North American HY Credit ETF WYDE Short Term Bond
Hamilton Lane Alliance Holdings I Inc HLAH Small Cap Stock
Northern Lights Fund Trust MRSK
ION Acquisition Corp 1 Ltd IACA Small Cap Stock
Direxion Funds Direxion Daily Emerging Markets Bond Bull 3X Sh EMBU
Monument Circle Acquisition Corp MONCW Warrant
Sphere Entertainment Co SPHR Small Cap Stock
Hammerhead Energy Inc. DCRDU Unit
Medley Llc MDLQ Small Cap Stock
iShares Edge MSCI Minimum Volatility Global Currency Hedged ET HACV
Senior Connect Acquisition Corp I SNRHU Unit
Rydex Investments FXC Currency
Amplify ETF Trust HCOW
AB Svensk Exportkredit RJA Commodities
CA Healthcare Acquisition Corp CAHCW Warrant
Pacer Funds Trust TRND Large Cap Stock
Procure ETF Trust II UFO Multi Cap
Xtrackers MSCI United Kingdom Hedged Equity ETF DBUK
DBX ETF Trust HAUZ Real Estate
Invesco Capital Management LLC BSJL Medium Term Bond
Amplify ETF Trust SWAN Multi-Asset
Tidal ETF Trust SDEI
Glass Houses Acquisition Corp GLHAU Unit
Acri Capital Acquisition Corp ACAC Small Cap Stock
Fidelity Covington Trust FENI
INSU Acquisition Corp III IIII Small Cap Stock
EA Series Trust AMID
TB SA Acquisition Corp TBSAU Unit
PowerShares DB Base Metals Short ETN BOS
McLaren Technology Acquisition Corp MLAI Small Cap Stock
Capitol Series Trust TACK
VanEck Vectors ETF Trust RSX Large Cap Stock
Emles Trust AMER
CENAQ Energy Corp CENQW Warrant
Trebia Acquisition Corp TREB Small Cap Stock
CleanTech Acquisition Corp CLAQW Warrant
Invesco Capital Management LLC PBDM Large Cap Stock
Invesco Capital Management LLC IVLC
DD3 Acquisition Corp II DDMX Small Cap Stock
Hainan Manaslu Acquisition Corp HMACR Right
CleanTech Acquisition Corp CLAQ Small Cap Stock
Holicity Inc HOL Small Cap Stock
Atlas Financial Holdings Inc. 6.625% Senior Unsecured Notes Due 2022 AFHBL Small Cap Stock
XPAC Acquisition Corp XPAXW Warrant
Power & Digital Infrastructure Acquisition II Corp XPDBU Unit
AF Acquisition Corp AFAQW Warrant
E.Merge Technology Acquisition Corp ETACU Unit
VanEck ETF Trust DURA Large Cap Stock
Monocle Acquisition Corp MNCLU Unit
North Atlantic Acquisition Corp NAAC Small Cap Stock
MCAP Acquisition Corp MACQW Warrant
Silver Spike Acquisition Corp II SPKB Small Cap Stock
Cerberus Telecom Acquisition Corp CTAC+ Warrant
OmniAb Inc AHPA Small Cap Stock
First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VIII XMAR
Ivy NextShares IVENC
SES AI Corporation IVAN= Unit
Agile Growth Corp AGGR Small Cap Stock
Gardiner Healthcare Acquisitions Corp GDNRU Unit
Alpha Tau Medical Ltd HCCCW Warrant
DILA Capital Acquisition Corp DILAW Warrant
Listed Funds Trust MAGS Small Cap Stock
Hudson Executive Investment Corp II HCIIW Warrant
Ivy NextShares IVFGC
TBLAW Warrant
ProShares Trust EUFX Currency
MSD Acquisition Corp MSDAW Warrant
Lazard Growth Acquisition Corp I LGACW Warrant
Evo Acquisition Corp EVOJW Warrant
Capitalworks Emerging Markets Acquisition Corp CMCA Small Cap Stock
Tidal Trust II RSBT
Kimbell Tiger Acquisition Corp TGR Small Cap Stock
Texas Capital Funds Trust TXS
PHP Ventures Acquisition Corp PPHPU Unit
Ajax I AJAX=
European Biotech Acquisition Corp EBAC Small Cap Stock
SSgA Active Trust GNR Large Cap Stock
J.P. Morgan Exchange-Traded Fund Trust JPEF
Invesco Capital Management LLC BSCM Medium Term Bond
Emerging Markets Horizon Corp HORI Small Cap Stock
Empowerment & Inclusion Capital I Corp EPWR+ Warrant
Ignyte Acquisition Corp IGNY Small Cap Stock
Invesco Capital Management LLC RZG Small Cap Stock
PROOF Acquisition Corp I PACI+ Warrant
FlexShares Trust TLEH Multi Cap
Talkspace Inc HECCW Warrant
Nebula Caravel Acquisition Corp NEBCU Unit
U.S. Well Services Inc USWS Small Cap Stock
Juniper II Corp JUN= Unit
Big Sky Growth Partners Inc BSKY Small Cap Stock
Andina Acquisition Corp III ANDA Small Cap Stock
Nuveen New York Municipal Value Fund NNY Small Cap Stock
BlackRock ETF Trust II HYMU
Mallard Acquisition Corp MACU Small Cap Stock
Vanguard Group, Inc. VFMV Multi Cap
FlexShares Trust QDF Multi Cap
Direxion Shares ETF Trust JDST Small Cap Stock
Capital Group Companies Inc CGGO
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. IBDM Medium Term Bond
ProShares Trust REW Large Cap Stock
Virtus Cumberland Municipal Bond ETF CUMB
Victory Portfolios II UEVM Large Cap Stock
Investindustrial Acquisition Corp IIAC= Unit
Talkspace Inc HECCU Unit
iShares Trust IBTA
Corazon Capital V838 Monoceros Corp CRZN Small Cap Stock
Rice Acquisition Corp II RONI+ Warrant
NightDragon Acquisition Corp NDAC Small Cap Stock
ETF Series Solutions Trust LSLT Multi Cap
ETF Managers Trust MJUS
Alpha Architect Etf Trust SNUG
CF Acquisition Corp V CFFVW Warrant
FTAC Athena Acquisition Corp FTAA Small Cap Stock
Advisorshares Trust SENT
GigInternational1 Inc GIW Small Cap Stock
Lead Edge Growth Opportunities Ltd LEGA Small Cap Stock
Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corp WPF Small Cap Stock
Kemper Corporation 7.375% Subordinated Debentures due 2054 KMPA Small Cap Stock
ProShares Trust FUT Alternatives
Global Beta ETF Trust GBLO
MIMO+A Warrant
Consonance-HFW Acquisition Corp CHFW+ Warrant
First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III TERM Multi-Asset
Janus Detroit Street Trust Janus Velocity Tail Risk Hedged Lar TRSK
AF Acquisition Corp AFAQ Small Cap Stock
Northern Lights Fund Trust IV ISMD Small Cap Stock
Vanguard Group, Inc. IVOG Multi Cap
Broad Capital Acquisition Corp BRACR Right
Roman DBDR Tech Acquisition Corp DBDRU Unit
SPDR Series Trust KOMP Multi Cap
NavSight Holdings Inc NSH Small Cap Stock
SSgA Active Trust TOTL
Forum Merger III Corp FIII Small Cap Stock
SPDR Series Trust XSD Multi Cap
FLJ Group Ltd FLJ
Four Leaf Acquisition Corp FORL Small Cap Stock
Alpha Tau Medical Ltd HCCC Small Cap Stock
8i Acquisition 2 Corp LAX Small Cap Stock
PWP Forward Acquisition Corp I FRW Small Cap Stock
BIP Bermuda Holdings I Ltd. BIPI
ETF Series Solutions Trust ETF ALFI
Transamerica ETF Trust DMRI Multi-Asset
Eaton Vance New York Municipal Income Trust EVY Small Cap Stock
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. IWM Multi Cap
Principal Exchange-Traded Funds PSC Small Cap Stock
Franklin Templeton ETF Trust FLJH Large Cap Stock
WisdomTree U.S. Domestic Economy Fund WUSA
Safe and Green Development Corp SGD Small Cap Stock
Lakeshore Acquisition I Corp LAAA Small Cap Stock
Jaws Acquisition Corp JWS+ Warrant
Nuveen Corporate Income November 2021 Target Term Fund JHB Small Cap Stock
Natural Order Acquisition Corp NOAC Small Cap Stock
PishPosh Inc BABY Small Cap Stock
First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III TDIV Large Cap Stock
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. AOM Multi-Asset
Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp IV IPOD+ Warrant
FlexShares Trust TDTF Medium Term Bond
KKR Acquisition Holdings I Corp KAHC+ Warrant
Global Systems Dynamics Inc GLEEU Unit
Jaws Juggernaut Acquisition Corp JUGGW Warrant
FTAC Hera Acquisition Corp HERA Small Cap Stock
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. IEME Multi Cap
Nuveen Intermediate Duration Quality Municipal Term Fund NIQ Small Cap Stock
Emles Trust FEDX
Tuscan Holdings Corp II THCA Small Cap Stock
Concord Acquisition Corp CND= Unit
Advisorshares Trust MENV
Atlantic Acquisition Corp. Right ATACR Small Cap Stock
ITHAX Acquisition Corp ITHXW Warrant
Nuveen Pennsylvania Municipal Value Fund NPN Small Cap Stock
DiamondHead Holdings Corp DHHCW Warrant
Concord Acquisition Corp CND+ Warrant
Northern Lights Acquisition Corp NLITW Warrant
Highland Transcend Partners I Corp HTPA= Unit
SilverBox Corp III SBXC= Unit
Dimensional ETF Trust DCOR
Global X Funds RYLD Multi-Asset
ETF Opportunities Trust DVDN
ArcLight Clean Transition Corp ACTCU Unit
Bison Capital Acquisition Corp. Rights BCACR Small Cap Stock
Montes Archimedes Acquisition Corp MAAC Small Cap Stock
SSgA Active Trust DWX Large Cap Stock
Tritium DCFC Limited DCRNW Warrant
Engine No. 1 ETF Trust SUPP
Partner Communications Co. PTNR Small Cap Stock
PetroChina Co. Ltd. PTR Large Cap Stock
Invesco Dynamic Credit Opportunities Fund VTA Small Cap Stock
BCTG Acquisition Corp BCTG Small Cap Stock
FinTech Acquisition Corp IV FTIVW Warrant
Victory Portfolios II USTB Small Cap Stock
AIM ETF Products Trust SEPW
Quadro Acquisition One Corp QDROU Unit
Captivision Inc CAPTW Warrant
Haymaker Acquisition Corp. 4 HYAC Small Cap Stock
New Vista Acquisition Corp NVSA Small Cap Stock
BHACW Warrant
John Hancock Exchange-Traded Fund Trust JHMU Multi Cap
John Hancock Investment Management LLC JHMD Large Cap Stock
Vanguard Group, Inc. VDE Large Cap Stock
Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corp II BFT Small Cap Stock
Consonance-HFW Acquisition Corp CHFW= Unit
First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VIII SMAY
TDW+B Warrant
Model Performance Acquisition Corp MPACW Warrant
Fusion Acquisition Corp FUSE Small Cap Stock
Fortress Capital Acquisition Corp FCAX+ Warrant
Nuveen Multi-Market Income Fund JMM Small Cap Stock
Reinvent Technology Partners RTP Small Cap Stock
Bluescape Opportunities Acquisition Corp BOAC+ Warrant
Holicity Inc HOLUU Unit
Tidal Trust II MSFO
Berenson Acquisition Corp I BACA= Unit
HHG Capital Corp HHGCW Warrant
Elevation Series Trust SRHQ
Northern Lights Fund Trust II CHLD
Tidal Trust II RSSB
SoundHound AI Inc ATSPT Unit
ITHAX Acquisition Corp ITHX Small Cap Stock
CM Life Sciences Inc CMLFW Warrant
REX Gold Hedged S&P 500 ETF GHS Commodities
Artisan Acquisition Corp ARTA Small Cap Stock
Blue Water Acquisition Corp BLUWU Unit
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. ENOR Large Cap Stock
Global SPAC Partners Co GLSPW Warrant
Apollo Strategic Growth Capital APSG Small Cap Stock
Tidal Trust II HF Real Estate
New Beginnings Acquisition Corp NBA Small Cap Stock
O'Shares FTSE Asia Pacific Quality Dividend ETF OASI
EA Series Trust LBO
Tema ETF Trust RSHO
Global Lights Acquisition Corp. GLACU Unit
Public Storage. PSA-L
Chenghe Acquisition I Co. LATG Small Cap Stock
J.P.Morgan Investment Management Inc. JPSE Small Cap Stock
iPath Pure Beta Lead ETN LEDD
Chardan NexTech Acquisition 2 Corp CNTQ Small Cap Stock
First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III TUSA Multi Cap
LMF Acquisition Opportunities Inc LMAO Small Cap Stock
DoubleLine ETF Trust DCPE
Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp III MCAE Small Cap Stock
Invesco Capital Management LLC BSJO Medium Term Bond
Franklin Templeton ETF Trust FLEU Large Cap Stock
Innovator ETFs Trust UAUG Large Cap Stock
Impact Shares Trust I OWNS
AlphaTime Acquisition Corp ATMC Small Cap Stock
Direxion Daily High Yield Bear 2X Shares HYDD Medium Term Bond
Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp IV MCAF Small Cap Stock
Quetta Acquisition Corp. QETA Small Cap Stock
Energy Vault Holdings Inc NXU+ Warrant
Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp III DCRCW Warrant
UBS AG London Branch BDCY
Strategy Shares SSFI
CM Life Sciences II Inc CMIIU Unit
PowerShares Russell 2000 Pure Growth Portfolio PXSG
FinTech Acquisition Corp V FTCVU Unit
Alpine Acquisition Corp REVEW Warrant
ETRACS 1xMonthly Short Alerian MLP Infrastructure Total Return MLPS
Global Synergy Acquisition Corp GSAQ Small Cap Stock
Invesco Capital Management LLC PBND
iShares Trust IBDU Medium Term Bond
LDH Growth Corp I LDHA Small Cap Stock
Tuscan Holdings Corp THCB Small Cap Stock
Hennessy Capital Investment Corp V HCICU Unit
CIIG Merger Corp CIIC Small Cap Stock
LGL Systems Acquisition Corp DFNS+ Warrant
KraneShares ICAV KSTR
Joff Fintech Acquisition Corp JOFF Small Cap Stock
Jaws Hurricane Acquisition Corp HCNEU Unit
Harbor ETF Trust SIHY
First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III RNLC Multi Cap