Terms of Use

Financial Tailor, Inc. is a financial advisory service that is subject to the Investment Advisers act of
1940 as well as applicable state laws. Any information provided to Financial Tailor, Inc. will be used by
Financial Tailor, Inc. and it's employees to better understand your risk tolerance and financial objectives.

Additionally, you understand that by accessing www.financialtailor.com and other related content
provided by Financial Tailor, Inc. you will receive information relating but not limited to: Asset
allocation, stock, bond, ETF (exchange traded fund), MLP (master limited partnership), mutual
funds, and other investment vehicles. Also, past performance may also be made available to you for
informational purposes only. Financial Tailor, Inc. does not begin acting in an advisory role until you
receive your preliminary plan. If you attempt to implement the preliminary plan without agreeing to
the customer account agreement and fee arrangement, Financial Tailor, Inc. is relieved of its advisory
capacity as the initial recommendations may change subject to market conditions.

Furthermore, you understand that use of the services provided by Financial Tailor, Inc. require that you
comply with the following terms of use:

I. Legal and Ethical prohibitions

  1. You agree not to violate state or federal securities laws including but not limited to: Insider trading laws, market manipulation, or any misleading or untrue remarks relating to securities.
  2. You will not post any solicitations or advertisements that are not in compliance with state and federal law.
  3. You will not attempt to use the name Financial Tailor or Financial Tailor, Inc. to provide investment advice.
  4. You will not misrepresent the services provided by Financial Tailor, Inc.

II. Changes to the terms of use

Financial Tailor, Inc. reserves the right to change the terms of use without prior notice. Changes
to the terms of use will be effective as of the date the change takes place unless otherwise noted, or
unless there is a material change that requires disclosure or acceptance.

III. Eligibility

Financial Tailor is intended to provide investment advice to individuals age 18 or older. Financial
Tailor, Inc. may offer accounts held for the benefit of a minor or as savings plan, but will be offered only
to the parent/guardian of the minor.

IV. Content

Any content provided by Financial Tailor, Inc. is intended for informational or entertainment
purposes. Content in the blog represents the opinion of the author and should not be misconstrued as
personalized investment advice or as a solicitation to buy or sell a particular security.

V. Third-party content

Financial Tailor, Inc. may make third party content available on the website by providing links or
otherwise citing a book, journal article, or website. Financial Tailor, Inc. is not responsible for the
accuracy of any content provided by unaffiliated parties. We will make a reasonable attempt to verify
the legitimacy and accuracy of any third-party information provided.

VI. Registration

Registration with Financial Tailor, Inc. includes additional terms not listed here. You will be
asked to provide a username, password, and other additional personal information to us in order to
establish a managed account. We take your privacy and security seriously and have adopted a privacy
policy in order to maintain confidentiality and to prevent unauthorized use. You agree that all
information provided to us is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. You agree to notify us as
quickly as possible if you suspect unauthorized access to your account or if you feel that your password
or other information may be compromised.

VII. Cancellation

You may cancel your registration at anytime by contacting your adviser or sending an email to
ben@financialtailor.com. Your personal information may be kept even after cancellation in order to
comply with state and federal recordkeeping requirements. Furthermore, we may decide to cancel your
registration with Financial Tailor at anytime if we suspect that you are or intend to misuse our system,
or if we suspect that information provided to us was not accurate and truthful.

VIII. Disclosures

You agree that you have read or received a copy of the form ADV II and the Privacy policy. You can find them in the links at the footer of this page.