Name Ticker Asset Class Sector Industry Flags
RENN Fund Inc RCG Small Cap Stock
American Century ETF Trust MID
Montes Archimedes Acquisition Corp MAAC Small Cap Stock
Krane Shares Trust KGRN Multi Cap
Liberty Media Acquisition Corp LMACA Small Cap Stock
BCTG Acquisition Corp BCTG Small Cap Stock
Kismet Acquisition Two Corp KAII Small Cap Stock
ProShares Trust PSQ Large Cap Stock
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. ILCB
Healthcare Services Acquisition Corp HCARW Warrant
First Trust Heitman Global Prime Real Estate ETF PRME Real Estate
MedTech Acquisition Corp MTACW Warrant
Krane Shares Trust KFVG
Epiphany Technology Acquisition Corp EPHYW Warrant
Ivy NextShares IVENC
Invesco Capital Management LLC PSL Multi Cap
GX Acquisition Corp II GXII Small Cap Stock
SPDR Series Trust TFI
Invesco Capital Management LLC PSCU Small Cap Stock
Mercury Ecommerce Acquisition Corp MEAC Small Cap Stock
Putnam Master Intermediate Income Trust PIM Small Cap Stock
Janus Capital Management LLC JAAA
Talkspace Inc HECCW Warrant
Kernel Group Holdings Inc KRNLU Unit
Exchange Traded Concepts Trust URNM
Hartford Funds Exchange-Traded Trust HEET
U.S. Well Services Inc USWS Small Cap Stock
Unified Series Trust MGMT
Atlantic Acquisition Corp. Right ATACR Small Cap Stock
Janus Detroit Street Trust Janus Velocity Tail Risk Hedged Lar TRSK
Artius Acquisition Inc AACQW Warrant
AB Svensk Exportkredit RJA Commodities
Maquia Capital Acquisition Corp MAQCU Unit
Invesco Capital Management LLC PSCI Small Cap Stock
Cambria Investment Management LP SOVB Medium Term Bond
ABG Acquisition Corp I ABGI Small Cap Stock
Holicity Inc HOL Small Cap Stock
Greencity Acquisition Corp GRCYW Warrant
Leo Holdings III Corp LIII+ Warrant
Moringa Acquisition Corp MACA Small Cap Stock
Piton Investment Management PIFI
BlackRock Health Sciences Trust BME Small Cap Stock
FinTech Acquisition Corp VI FTVI Small Cap Stock
DBX ETF Trust ACSG Large Cap Stock
L&F Acquisition Corp LNFA= Unit
Newbury Street Acquisition Corp NBSTW Warrant
Exchange Listed Funds Trust KLDW Multi Cap
Kismet Acquisition Three Corp KIII Small Cap Stock
ProShares Trust FUT Alternatives
Bright Lights Acquisition Corp BLTSW Warrant
CHW Acquisition Corp CHWAU Unit
Brookfield BRP Holdings (Canada) Inc. BEPI
Invesco Capital Management LLC SPHD Multi Cap
Amplify ETF Trust ISWN
FTAC Parnassus Acquisition Corp FTPA Small Cap Stock
Achari Ventures Holdings Corp I AVHIU Unit
iShares Trust IBTF
FinTech Acquisition Corp IV FTIVU Unit
Epiphany Technology Acquisition Corp EPHY Small Cap Stock
VanEck Vectors ETF Trust SHYD Medium Term Bond
Northern Star Investment Corp III NSTC+ Warrant
BlackRock Credit Allocation Income Trust BTZ Small Cap Stock
VanEck ETF Trust MOTE
Gores Technology Partners II Inc GTPBW Warrant
Leisure Acquisition Corp LACQW Warrant
Healthwell Acquisition Corp I HWELW Warrant
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. IMTM Large Cap Stock
Boulder Growth & Income Fund Inc BIF Small Cap Stock
TICC Capital Corp. 6.50% Notes due 2024 TICCL Small Cap Stock
Sports Ventures Acquisition Corp AKIC Small Cap Stock
Hartford Funds Exchange-Traded Trust HTAB
dMY Technology Group Inc DMYT+ Warrant
Artemis Strategic Investment Corp ARTE Small Cap Stock
Amplitude Healthcare Acquisition Corp AMHCU Unit
Innovator ETFs Trust EAPR
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. IYM Multi Cap
Vanguard Group, Inc. EDV Long Term Bond
Listed Funds Trust CBLS
ArcLight Clean Transition Corp ACTCW Warrant
ALPS Advisors Inc IDOG Large Cap Stock
Alpha Capital Acquisition Co ASPCW Warrant
CF Finance Acquisition Corp II CFIIU
Holicity Inc HOLUW Warrant
One AONE+ Warrant
Global Synergy Acquisition Corp GSAQW Warrant
Generation Asia I Acquisition Ltd GAQ= Unit
W & T Offshore Inc WTI Small Cap Stock
John Hancock Investment Management LLC JHMA Mid Cap Stock
iShares Trust BGRN
Kernel Group Holdings Inc KRNL Small Cap Stock
Northern Lights Fund Trust MRSK
Invesco Capital Management LLC PTF Multi Cap
ProShares Trust BIS Multi Cap
Blue Water Acquisition Corp BLUW Small Cap Stock
Exchange Traded Concepts Trust THNQ
BlackRock New York Municipal Income Trust BNY Small Cap Stock
Vanguard Group, Inc. VXF Multi Cap
Integrated Rail and Resources Acquisition Corp IRRX+ Warrant
Monument Circle Acquisition Corp MONCW Warrant
VanEck Vectors ETF Trust RSX Large Cap Stock
Schwab Strategic Trust SCHR Medium Term Bond
Modern Media Acquisition Corp. Right MMDMR Small Cap Stock
H.I.G. Acquisition Corp HIGA+ Warrant
I-AM Capital Acquisition Company Right IAMXR Small Cap Stock
Frazier Lifesciences Acquisition Corp FLAC Small Cap Stock
Gabelli ETFs Trust LOPP
Cambria Investment Management LP EYLD Multi Cap
Fidelity Covington Trust FBCV
American Century ETF Trust AVEM Multi Cap
Invesco Capital Management LLC RHS Multi Cap
Macondray Capital Acquisition Corp I DRAY Small Cap Stock
Blackstone Senior Floating Rate Term Fund BSL Small Cap Stock
iShares Trust HYXF
Global SPAC Partners Co GLSPT Unit
First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III RFAP Large Cap Stock
Direxion Shares ETF Trust WEBS
AMCI Acquisition Corp II AMCIW Warrant
BlackRock Science and Technology Trust BST Small Cap Stock
ArcLight Clean Transition Corp ACTC Small Cap Stock
LMF Acquisition Opportunities Inc LMAO Small Cap Stock
Global SPAC Partners Co GLSPU Unit
KludeIn I Acquisition Corp INKAW Warrant
MSD Acquisition Corp MSDAW Warrant
Global X Funds SOCL Multi Cap
Northern Lights Fund Trust III QQH Multi-Asset
Credit Suisse AG UBRT Commodities
Frontier Investment Corp FICVU Unit
UBS AG London Branch IWML
iShares Trust IBDT Medium Term Bond
NavSight Holdings Inc NSH+ Warrant
Invesco Capital Management LLC PSCF Small Cap Stock
Direxion Shares ETF Trust EVEN
Endeavor Group Holdings Inc EDR Mid Cap Stock
iShares Trust IBTG
Acamar Partners Acquisition Corp ACAM Small Cap Stock
Deep Lake Capital Acquisition Corp DLCAW Warrant
T. Rowe Price ExchangeTraded Funds Inc TCHP
ION Acquisition Corp 1 Ltd IACA+ Warrant
Alussa Energy Acquisition Corp ALUS+ Warrant
G Squared Ascend II Inc GSQB= Unit
Schwab Strategic Trust SCHF Large Cap Stock
Invesco Capital Management LLC PGF Preferred Stock
Energem Corp ENCP Small Cap Stock
Invesco Capital Management LLC PBS Multi Cap
Exchange Traded Concepts Trust INDF
Exchange Traded Concepts Trust HTEC Multi Cap
ETFis Series Trust I UTES Multi Cap
Wayfair Inc W Large Cap Stock
Isleworth Healthcare Acquisition Corp ISLEU
Cambria Investment Management LP TAIL Multi-Asset
Forest Road Acquisition Corp FRX+ Warrant
iShares Trust IBDV
FinTech Acquisition Corp VI FTVIU Unit
Liberty Resources Acquisition Corp LIBYU Unit
iShares Trust IWFH
TWC Tech Holdings II Corp TWCT Small Cap Stock
Better Therapeutics Inc MCADU Unit
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. IFRA Multi Cap
Frontier Acquisition Corp FRON Small Cap Stock
Marlin Technology Corp FINM Small Cap Stock
iShares Trust IBDS Medium Term Bond
Janus International Group Inc JBI+ Warrant
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. WOOD Multi Cap
Elements Morningstar Wide Moat ETN WMW
Ascendant Digital Acquisition Corp ACND Small Cap Stock
First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III SKYY Multi Cap
Natixis ETF Trust II VNMC
HumanCo Acquisition Corp HMCO Small Cap Stock
Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp III MCAEU Unit
Social Capital Suvretta Holdings Corp I DNAA Small Cap Stock
Churchill Capital Corp V CCV+ Warrant
Applied UV Inc AUVI Small Cap Stock
Flying Eagle Acquisition Corp FEAC+ Warrant
ITHAX Acquisition Corp ITHXW Warrant
Empower Ltd EMPW+ Warrant
ProShares Trust UPRO Large Cap Stock
FinTech Acquisition Corp VI FTVIW Warrant
Ignyte Acquisition Corp IGNY Small Cap Stock
Vanguard Group, Inc. VNQI Real Estate
Brookfield Finance Inc BAMH
Artius Acquisition Inc AACQ Small Cap Stock
Legato Merger Corp LEGO Small Cap Stock
MSD Acquisition Corp MSDA Small Cap Stock
Falcon Capital Acquisition Corp FCACU Unit
Alkuri Global Acquisition Corp KURIW Warrant
Novus Capital Corp NOVSW Warrant
Advent Convertible and Income Fund AVK Small Cap Stock
Arrowroot Acquisition Corp ARRWU Unit
Deerfield Healthcare Technology Acquisitions Corp DFHTW Warrant
Healthcare Services Acquisition Corp HCARU Unit
PowerShares Russell Midcap Equal Weight Portfolio EQWM
Vanguard Group, Inc. VO Mid Cap Stock
Forum Merger Corporation Right FMCIR Small Cap Stock
Pimco High Income Fund PHK Small Cap Stock
Mercury Ecommerce Acquisition Corp MEACW Warrant
FinTech Acquisition Corp V FTCV Small Cap Stock
Listed Funds Trust CBSE
GAMCO Natural Resources, Gold & Income Trust GNT-A
ALPS Advisors Inc RFUN Medium Term Bond
Listed Funds Trust LRNZ
Credit Suisse AG Nassau Branch REML Real Estate
Acies Acquisition Corp ACACW Warrant
Luminar Technologies Inc LAZRW Warrant
BlackRock ETF Trust LCTU
Schwab Strategic Trust FNDA Multi Cap
Partner Communications Co. PTNR Small Cap Stock
Direxion Shares ETF Trust FNTC
Newbury Street Acquisition Corp NBSTU Unit
Franklin Templeton ETF Trust FLIA
Forum Merger IV Corp FMIVU Unit
FTAC Parnassus Acquisition Corp FTPAW Warrant
Humankind Benefit Corporation HKND
North Mountain Merger Corp NMMCU Unit
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. VLUE Large Cap Stock
Leuthold Funds Inc LCR
Wanda Sports Group Co Ltd WSG
Collaborative Investment Series Trust DSPC
PHX Minerals Inc PHX Small Cap Stock
Good Works Acquisition Corp GWACU
Invesco Capital Management LLC PPA Multi Cap
Krispy Kreme Inc DNUT Mid Cap Stock
New Beginnings Acquisition Corp NBA+ Warrant
Yatsen Holding Ltd YSG
SPDR Series Trust ROKT Multi Cap
Gores Holdings VI Inc GHVIU Unit
Direxion Shares ETF Trust TMV Long Term Bond
Good Works II Acquisition Corp GWIIW Warrant
UBS AG London Branch IWDL
Artius Acquisition Inc AACQU Unit
ProShares Trust ONLN Multi Cap
AdTheorent Holding Company Inc ADTH Small Cap Stock
Alpha Architect Etf Trust DUDE
Cambria Investment Management LP TOKE Multi Cap
SSgA Active Trust QEFA Large Cap Stock
APx Acquisition Corp I APXIU Unit
Krane Shares Trust IVOL
Medicus Sciences Acquisition Corp MSACW Warrant
Burgundy Technology Acquisition Corp BTAQ Small Cap Stock
abrdn ETF BCIM
Dragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp DGNR+ Warrant
Ivanhoe Capital Acquisition Corp IVAN+ Warrant
CHP Merger Corp CHPMU Unit
Eagle Point Credit Company Inc. 7.00% Notes due 2020 ECCZ Small Cap Stock
Lionheart III Corp LIONU Unit
CIIG Merger Corp CIICW Warrant
Two Roads Shared Trust WLDR Multi Cap
Global Partner Acquisition Corp II GPAC Small Cap Stock
Greenrose Acquisition Corp GNRSW Warrant
Legato Merger Corp LEGOW Warrant
CIIG Merger Corp CIICU
VanEck ETF Trust AFK Multi Cap
AEA-Bridges Impact Corp IMPX+ Warrant
Collective Growth Corporation CGROU
Locust Walk Acquisition Corp LWACW Warrant
Taysha Gene Therapies Inc TSHA Small Cap Stock
Horizon Acquisition Corp HZAC+ Warrant
Vanguard Group, Inc. VTEB Medium Term Bond
CF Finance Acquisition Corp II CFIIW Warrant
Apex Technology Acquisition Corp APXTU Unit
Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp MCACU
Draper Oakwood Technology Acquisition Inc. Right DOTAR Small Cap Stock
Altimeter Growth Corp 2 AGCB Small Cap Stock
M3 Brigade Acquisition III Corp MBSC= Unit
Agrify Corp AGFY Small Cap Stock
ETF Series Solutions Trust RBIN Large Cap Stock
KraneShares ICAV KSTR
Anthemis Digital Acquisitions I Corp ADALU Unit
Vanguard Group, Inc. VFLQ Multi Cap
VG Acquisition Corp VGAC Small Cap Stock
Vesper Healthcare Acquisition Corp VSPR Small Cap Stock
X-Links WTI Crude Oil Index ETN OIIL Commodities
GreenVision Acquisition Corp GRNVW Warrant
Invesco Capital Management LLC PUI Multi Cap
Pacer Funds Trust TRND Large Cap Stock
First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III QQEW Large Cap Stock
Forum Merger III Corp FIIIW Warrant
Advisorshares Trust DWMC Small Cap Stock
Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp MCACR
H.I.G. Acquisition Corp HIGA=
First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III LMBS
UBS AG London Branch IWFL
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. ILTB Long Term Bond
Atlas Crest Investment Corp ACIC=
2nd Vote Funds LYFE
Simplify Exchange Traded Funds SPD
U.S. Tax Reform Fund TAXR
First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III QTEC Large Cap Stock
East Stone Acquisition Corp ESSCU Unit
Invesco Trust For Investment Grade New York Municipals VTN Small Cap Stock
Vy Global Growth VYGG Small Cap Stock
Collective Growth Corporation CGROW Warrant
Kingswood Acquisition Corp KWAC+ Warrant
Lightjump Acquisition Corp LJAQ Small Cap Stock
ETF Series Solutions Trust PFLD
FI Enhanced Global High Yield ETN Linked to MSCI World High Di FIEG
Lixiang Education Holding Co Ltd LXEH
Enphys Acquisition Corp NFYS= Unit
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. IEFA Large Cap Stock
Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp II IPOB+ Warrant
FirstMark Horizon Acquisition Corp FMAC=
Jaws Acquisition Corp JWS+ Warrant
Ascendant Digital Acquisition Corp ACND+ Warrant
SPDR Series Trust XTL Multi Cap
NextGen Acquisition Corp II NGCAW Warrant
Ark Global Acquisition Corp ARKIU
ETF Series Solutions Trust VEGN Large Cap Stock
CM Seven Star Acquisition Corporation Right CMSSR Small Cap Stock
ETF Series Solutions Trust RVRS Mid Cap Stock
Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp III IPOC+ Warrant
Vir Biotechnology Inc VIR Mid Cap Stock
Leisure Acquisition Corp LACQU Unit
Invesco Capital Management LLC VRIG
CM Life Sciences Inc CMLF Small Cap Stock
INSU Acquisition Corp II INAQW Warrant
South Mountain Merger Corp SMMC Small Cap Stock
Compute Health Acquisition Corp CPUH+ Warrant
HighCape Capital Acquisition Corp CAPAU Unit
Vistas Media Acquisition Company Inc VMAC Small Cap Stock
Black Ridge Acquisition Corp. Right BRACR Small Cap Stock
Invesco Capital Management LLC RYJ Multi Cap
BofI Holding Inc. 6.25% Subordinated Notes Due 2026 BOFIL Small Cap Stock
Invesco Capital Management LLC RYT Multi Cap
iShares Edge MSCI Minimum Volatility EM Currency Hedged ETF HEMV
Petra Acquisition Inc PAIC Small Cap Stock
Listed Funds Trust OVM
Chavant Capital Acquisition Corp CLAYU Unit
iShares Trust IBTK
Juniper II Corp JUN= Unit
Innovator ETFs Trust IAPR
Elkhorn ETF Trust RCOM Commodities
Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp IV IPOD=
Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp V IPOE=
CM Life Sciences Inc CMLFW Warrant
Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp VI IPOF=
Tenzing Acquisition Corp TZACW Warrant
Kadem Sustainable Impact Corp KSI Small Cap Stock
Semper Paratus Acquisition Corp LGSTU Unit
Trident Acquisitions Corp TDACU Unit
Genesis Park Acquisition Corp GNPK+ Warrant
DB Commodity Services LLC DBV Commodities
Columbia ETF Trust I REVS Large Cap Stock
MELI Kaszek Pioneer Corp MEKA Small Cap Stock
Lehman ABS Corp JBK Small Cap Stock
J.P.Morgan Investment Management Inc. JPEM Large Cap Stock
Infinite Acquisition Corp. NFNT= Unit
Nuveen Multi-Asset Income Fund NMAI Small Cap Stock
iPath Long Extended Russell 1000 TR Index ETN ROLA
iPath Long Extended Russell 2000 TR Index ETN RTLA
Collaborative Investment Series Trust FLTN
Innovator ETFs Trust PAPR
Virtus ETF Trust II JOET
Juniper Industrial Holdings Inc JIH+ Warrant
iShares Trust EUSB
One AONE Small Cap Stock
Direxion Funds ETF SHNY
iPath Pure Beta Coffee ETN CAFE Commodities
InterPrivate Acquisition Corp IPV+ Warrant
Nebula Caravel Acquisition Corp NEBC Small Cap Stock
Fusion Acquisition Corp II FSNB+ Warrant
Hennessy Capital Investment Corp V HCICW Warrant
VanEck Vectors Global Spin-Off ETF SPUN
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. JKG Mid Cap Stock
Gores Holdings V Inc GRSVU Unit
Gores Holdings VI Inc GHVI Small Cap Stock
Novus Capital Corp NOVSU
Longview Acquisition Corp LGVW+ Warrant
INSU Acquisition Corp II INAQU
VanEck Vectors ETF Trust RTH Large Cap Stock
Noble Rock Acquisition Corp NRAC Small Cap Stock
Fifth Wall Acquisition Corp I FWAA Small Cap Stock
iShares Edge MSCI Minimum Volatility Global Currency Hedged ET HACV
Concord Acquisition Corp. II CNDA Small Cap Stock
J.P. Morgan Exchange-Traded Fund Trust JAVA
Western Asset Inflation-Linked Opportunities & Income Fund WIW Small Cap Stock
Transamerica ETF Trust DMRI Multi-Asset
Listed Funds Trust MAYZ
Global X Funds CHB
Nebula Caravel Acquisition Corp NEBCW Warrant
Ajax I AJAX=
Credit Suisse AG DBRT Commodities
Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity Income Fund EOI Small Cap Stock
Lifesci Acquisition Corp LSACW Warrant
First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III FVD Multi Cap
iShares Trust IBDR Medium Term Bond
Live Oak Acquisition Corp LOAK+ Warrant
FinTech Acquisition Corp IV FTIVW Warrant
Lifesci Acquisition Corp LSACU
Fidelity Covington Trust FBCG
First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VIII FAUG
First Trust-Aberdeen Global Opportunity Income Fund FAM Small Cap Stock
New America High Income Fund Inc HYB Small Cap Stock
Gabelli Multimedia Trust Inc GGT Small Cap Stock
XAI Octagon Floating Rate Alternative Income Term Trust XFLT Small Cap Stock
Modiv Inc MDVA
American Century ETF Trust VALQ Multi Cap
Fintech Ecosystem Development Corp FEXD Small Cap Stock
Motive Capital Corp MOTV=
Gladstone Acquisition Corp GLEE Small Cap Stock
Consonance-HFW Acquisition Corp CHFW= Unit
ProShares Trust TBX Medium Term Bond
RAIT Financial Trust 7.625% Senior Notes due 2024 RFT
Apollo Strategic Growth Capital APSG Small Cap Stock
LMF Acquisition Opportunities Inc LMAOW Warrant
Nabors Energy Transition Corp NETC+ Warrant
Holicity Inc HOLUU Unit
ProShares Trust TOLZ Large Cap Stock
ETRACS 1xMonthly Short Alerian MLP Infrastructure Total Return MLPS
LGL Systems Acquisition Corp DFNS+ Warrant
Hercules Capital Inc. 6.25% Notes due 2024 HTGX Small Cap Stock
Vanguard Group, Inc. VBR Small Cap Stock
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company N.A. IFGL Real Estate
Vermilion Energy Inc VET Small Cap Stock
Vanguard Group, Inc. IVOG Multi Cap
Data Knights Acquisition Corp DKDCW Warrant
Mallard Acquisition Corp MACUW Warrant
LifeSci Acquisition II Corp LSAQ Small Cap Stock
Healthcare Trust Inc HTIA
Vanguard Group, Inc. VOE Mid Cap Stock
Consonance-HFW Acquisition Corp CHFW+ Warrant
Global X Funds VPN
ProShares Trust DAT
Pivotal Investment Corp II PIC+ Warrant
Constellation Alpha Capital Corp. Right CNACR Small Cap Stock
InterPrivate IV InfraTech Partners Inc IPVIW Warrant
First Reserve Sustainable Growth Corp FRSGW Warrant
John Hancock Investment Management LLC JHMC Multi Cap
NightDragon Acquisition Corp NDACW Warrant
Victory Portfolios II QQQN
Innovator ETFs Trust KJUL
Monterey Bio Acquisition Corp MTRY Small Cap Stock
Qwest Corporation 7.50% Notes due 2051 CTW Small Cap Stock
Environmental Impact Acquisition Corp ENVIU Unit
ALSP Orchid Acquisition Corp I ALOR Small Cap Stock
Invesco Capital Management LLC EWMC Small Cap Stock
AB Svensk Exportkredit RJI Commodities
Global X Funds YLCO Multi Cap
dMY Technology Group Inc II DMYD+ Warrant
Healthwell Acquisition Corp I HWELU Unit
SSgA Active Trust SPLB Long Term Bond
Medicus Sciences Acquisition Corp MSACU
Syntax ETF Trust SMDY
ProShares Trust URTY Multi Cap
Apollo Tactical Income Fund Inc AIF Small Cap Stock
Invesco Capital Management LLC USEQ Multi Cap
First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III RDVY Multi Cap
CM Life Sciences Inc CMLFU Unit
Codere Online Luxembourg S.A CDROW Warrant
Acies Acquisition Corp ACAC Small Cap Stock
iShares Trust SMMV Multi Cap
Breeze Holdings Acquisition Corp BREZU
ETF Series Solutions Trust QTUM Multi Cap
Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corp II BFT+ Warrant
Jaws Juggernaut Acquisition Corp JUGGW Warrant
Kismet Acquisition One Corp KSMTU Unit
INSU Acquisition Corp III IIII Small Cap Stock
FTAC Olympus Acquisition Corp FTOCU Unit
Lux Health Tech Acquisition Corp LUXAW Warrant
Better World Acquisition Corp BWACU Unit
ProShares Trust SRS Real Estate
Bluescape Opportunities Acquisition Corp BOAC=
Jaws Juggernaut Acquisition Corp JUGG Small Cap Stock
Helbiz Inc. GRNVR Right
UBS AG London Branch MTUL
Deerfield Healthcare Technology Acquisitions Corp DFHTU
NewHold Investment Corp NHICW Warrant
Highland Transcend Partners I Corp HTPA=
Intelligent Medicine Acquisition Corp IQMD Small Cap Stock
Gladstone Acquisition Corp GLEEW Warrant
Better Therapeutics Inc MCAD Small Cap Stock
Edoc Acquisition Corp ADOCU
Empire State Realty OP LP ESBA Unit
MSD Acquisition Corp MSDAU Unit
Motion Acquisition Corp MOTNW Warrant
Mason Industrial Technology Inc MIT+ Warrant
Angel Oak Mortgage Inc AOMR Small Cap Stock
First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VIII UCON
Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp NGA+ Warrant
First Trust Energy Income and Growth Fund FEN Small Cap Stock
Mercato Partners Acquisition Corp MPRAU Unit
Horizon Acquisition Corp II HZON=
INSU Acquisition Corp III IIIIW Warrant
HL Acquisitions Corp HCCHW Warrant
Kelly Strategic ETF Trust HOTL
D8 Holdings Corp DEH+ Warrant
Vanguard Group, Inc. VONE Large Cap Stock
Vision Marine Technologies Inc VMAR Small Cap Stock
Nova Vision Acquisition Corp NOVVU Unit
ETF Opportunities Trust KONG
Kaleyra Inc KLR+ Warrant
Landcadia Holdings III Inc LCYAW Warrant
DUET Acquisition Corp DUETU Unit
Kernel Group Holdings Inc KRNLW Warrant
Empower Ltd EMPW=
KINS Technology Group Inc KINZW Warrant
ETF Series Solutions Trust MSVX