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CVS Health is a different kind of health care company. It is a diversified health services company with nearly 300,000 employees united around a common purpose of helping people on their path to better health. In an increasingly connected and digital world, it is meeting people wherever they are and changing health care to meet their needs. Built on a foundation of unmatched community presence, its diversified model engages one in three Americans each year. From its innovative new services at HealthHUB locations, to transformative programs that help manage chronic conditions, it is making health care more accessible, more affordable and simply better.

Market Cap: 111 Billion



Shares Outstanding: 1.32 Billion

Float: 0

Dividend: 1.9794688435974 (0.02%)

Beta: 0.507777120999758

Sector: Retail Trade

Industry: Pharmacies and Drug Stores

Ethical Flags

Longest drawdown: 2393 trading days

From: 2015-07-29 To: 2021-06-15

Lowest Point:

3 Reasons CVS Health's Future Looks Bright Despite Current Challenges

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The last few months may be a preview for CVS Health (CVS) investors, at least for the short term. The company took a big risk acquiring Aetna, and so far, the market seems unconvinced about this tie-up. With the stock down more than 15% so far this year, some may be wondering if the shares are… read more...

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CVS: Setting The Stage For The Long Term

via: SeekingAlpha at 2019-06-13 10:37:56:000

CVS Health ( CVS ) is one of the largest healthcare players in the world with 100M+ lives covered and $250B+ revenue expected in FY2019. With the recent acquisition of Aetna , there is much scope to expand the business and utilize cost synergies. Management has a solid plan to provide ~$3… read more...

IHF: Healthcare Providers ETF - 2020 Election Anxiety

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CVS: A Bet On Continued Multi-Payer Healthcare

via: SeekingAlpha at 2019-06-11 21:07:28:000

CVS Health Corp. ( CVS ) wants to become the future face of healthcare in America. Despite the sluggish pace of progress in the health/medical space, the company is rapidly evolving into a comprehensive "health care destination" that may reshape the way Americans pay for and receive care. Ma… read more...

A Dividend Portfolio For Transaction-Free Investing

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CVS Health Introduces New Service to Help PBM Clients Manage Health and Wellness Benefit Solutions

via: PR Newswire at 2019-06-11 04:30:00:000

WOONSOCKET, R.I. , June 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --CVS Health (NYSE: CVS) today announced the availability of Vendor Benefit Management, a new service developed to help CVS Caremark pharmacy benefit management (PBM) clients more easily contract, implement and manage their choice of ava… read more...

Equities March Higher (Wall Street Breakfast Podcast)

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Fed judge nears nixing $69B CVS-Aetna deal

via: SeekingAlpha at 2019-06-11 01:19:47:000

Federal judge Richard Leon appears to be on track to derail CVS's (NYSE: CVS ) $69B plans to buy health insurer Aetna, amid concerns the deal would give the nation's biggest drug store too much power and result in higher drug prices, sources told the New York Post . More news on: CVS He… read more...

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