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we're brighthouse financial. we are on a mission to help people achieve financial security. as one of the largest providers of annuities and life insurance in the u.s., we specialize in products designed to help people protect what they’ve earned and ensure it lasts. we are built on a foundation of experience and knowledge, which allows us to keep our promises and provide the value they deserve.we are proud to be a fortune® 500 company trusted by over 2 million customers and with 2.4 million annuity contracts and life insurance policies in force.see our social media guidelines here: --------------data as of september 30, 2019, except customer count, which is as of june 30, 2018. assets ranked by 2018 admitted assets. best’s review: top 200 u.s. life/health insurers. a.m. best, 2019. brighthouse financial, inc. is the ultimate parent company of the brighthouse financial operating insurance companies. fortune© 2019 fort

Market Cap: 3.42 Billion

Primary Exchange: NASDAQ


Shares Outstanding: 64.2 Million

Float: 0

Dividend: 1.5217026144140786 (0.07%)

Beta: 0.6250674499400292

Sector: Finance and Insurance

Industry: Direct Life Insurance Carriers

Ethical Flags

Longest drawdown: 644 trading days

From: 2020-01-13 To: 2023-12-08

Lowest Point:

Ex-Date Payment Date Record Date Declared Date Amount Flag Dividend Type Qualified Indicated
2020-11-30 2020-12-15 2020-12-01 0.390625 Cash
2022-05-31 2022-06-15 2022-06-01 0.390625 Cash
2022-08-31 2022-09-15 2022-09-01 0.390625 Cash
2022-11-30 2022-12-15 2022-12-01 0.390625 Cash
2023-02-28 2023-03-15 2023-03-01 0.390625 Cash
2023-05-31 2023-06-15 2023-06-01 0.390625 Cash
2023-08-31 2023-09-15 2023-09-01 0.390625 Cash
2023-11-30 2023-12-15 2023-12-01 0.390625 Cash
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