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Founded in 1965, A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMRK) is a leading full-service precious metals trading company and wholesaler of gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion and related products. The company’s global customer base includes sovereign and private mints, manufacturers and fabricators, refiners, dealers, financial institutions, industrial users, investors, collectors, and e-commerce and other retail customers. The company conducts its operations through three complementary segments: Wholesale Trading & Ancillary Services, Secured Lending, and Direct Sales. A-Mark operates several business units in its Wholesale Trading & Ancillary Services segment, including Industrial, Coin and Bar, Trading and Finance, Storage, Logistics, and the Mint (as more fully described below). Its Industrial unit services manufacturers and fabricators of products utilizing precious metals, while its Coin and Bar unit deals in over 200 different products for distribution to dealers and other qualified purchasers. As a U.S. Mint-authorized purchaser of gold, silver and platinum coins, A-Mark purchases bullion products directly from the U.S. Mint for sale to customers. A-Mark also has distributorships with other sovereign mints, including Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Mexico, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Through its Transcontinental Depository Services subsidiary, A-Mark provides customers with a variety of managed storage options for precious metals worldwide. Through its A-M Global Logistics subsidiary, A-Mark provides customers an array of complementary services, including receiving, handling, inventorying, processing, packaging and shipping of precious metals and custom coins on a secure basis. A-Mark also holds a majority stake in a joint venture that owns the minting operations known as SilverTowne Mint (Mint), which designs and produces minted silver products which provide greater product selection to customers, price stability within the supply chain as well as more secured access to silver during volatile market environments. The company operates its Secured Lending segment through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Collateral Finance Corporation (CFC) and AM Capital Funding, LLC (AMCF). Founded in 2005, CFC is a licensed finance lender that originates and acquires loans secured by bullion and numismatic coins. Its customers include coin and precious metal dealers, investors, and collectors. AMCF was formed in 2018 for the purpose of securitizing eligible secured loans of CFC. A-Mark operates its Direct Sales segment primarily through its wholly-owned subsidiary Goldline Inc. (Goldline), a direct retailer of precious metals for the investor community. Goldline markets A-Mark’s precious metal products through various channels, including radio, television, and the Internet. A-Mark is headquartered in El Segundo, California, with offices and facilities in Los Angeles, California, Vienna, Austria, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Winchester, Indiana.

Market Cap: 567 Million



Shares Outstanding: 11.1 Million

Float: 0

Dividend: 0.0 (0.0%)

Beta: 0.731048704163587

Sector: Finance and Insurance

Industry: International Trade Financing

Ethical Flags

Longest drawdown: 1213 trading days

From: 2016-04-26 To: 2020-07-17

Lowest Point:

Ex-Date Payment Date Record Date Declared Date Amount Flag Dividend Type Qualified Indicated
2020-11-20 2020-11-30 2020-11-23 2020-11-10 1.5 Cash
2020-09-18 2020-09-25 2020-09-21 2020-09-10 1.5 Cash
2018-02-12 2018-02-27 2018-02-13 2018-02-02 0.08 No Change QoQ
2017-11-22 2017-12-13 2017-11-24 2017-11-14 0.08 No Change QoQ
2017-09-15 2017-09-27 2017-09-18 2017-09-07 0.08 No Change QoQ
2017-05-11 2017-05-25 2017-05-15 2017-05-04 0.08 No Change QoQ
2017-02-06 2017-02-24 2017-02-08 2017-01-27 0.08 Increase
2016-11-10 2016-12-01 2016-11-14 2016-11-04 0.07 No Change QoQ
2016-09-15 2016-10-07 2016-09-19 2016-09-09 0.07 No Change QoQ
2016-05-11 2016-05-27 2016-05-13 2016-05-03 0.07 No Change QoQ
2016-02-11 2016-02-29 2016-02-15 2016-02-04 0.07 Increase
2015-11-11 2015-11-25 2015-11-13 2015-11-03 0.05 No Change QoQ
2015-09-22 2015-10-05 2015-09-24 2015-09-15 0.05 No Change QoQ
2015-05-12 2015-05-25 2015-05-14 2015-05-05 0.05 No Change QoQ
2015-03-10 2015-03-20 2015-03-12 2015-03-02 0.05 Initiation
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