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The investment seeks investment results, before fees and expenses, that track the performance of the Morningstar® Diversified Alternatives IndexSM (the "index"). The fund is a fund of ETFs and seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing primarily in the underlying ETFs. It is designed to provide investors with a comprehensive solution to their alternatives allocation by investing in the alternative ETFs comprising its index. The index is designed to provide diversified exposure to alternative asset classes in order to enhance risk adjusted portfolio returns when combined with a range of traditional investments. The fund is non-diversified.

Market Cap: 10.8 Million

Primary Exchange: BATS Exchange


Shares Outstanding: 280 Thousand

Float: 280 Thousand

Dividend: 1.3448 (3.49%)

Beta: 0.0



Short Interest (): 0

Ethical Flags

Longest drawdown: 1000 trading days

From: 2014-12-30 To: 2018-12-14

Lowest Point:

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2015-07-01 2015-07-10 2015-07-06 2015-06-30 0.09699 Dividend income
2015-04-01 2015-04-10 2015-04-06 2015-03-31 0.022853 Dividend income
2014-12-24 2014-12-31 2014-12-29 2014-12-23 0.178921 Dividend income
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